Sep 13, 2013

Things I Said Would Never Happen If I Had A Dog...

Yep, that's my new pup.

We took her in a little over a month ago after her family put up an ad to re-home her on Craigslist. It's been a tough few weeks with all of us trying to get used to each others habits but she's been great. Thank gawd.

Since bringing her into our lives I've actually noticed I've started to do those things that I swore would never ever happen if I had a dog.

Ha, what a fool.

Believe me, I'm eating my words.

I'd sworn "I'd never..." but am totally doing:
  • Let the dog on the couch. (she's only allowed to lay on it if her blanket is down first)
  • Buy "special" dog for delicate a puppy stomach.
  • Spend tons of money on grooming supplies and flea control.
  • Feed it teeny bits of my people food.
  • Sleep in my bed, under my covers, between the hubs and I.
  • Feel guilty whenever I have to leave her for work.
      and lastly
  • Talk to it in baby talk.
I know, I the mighty have fallen. But I mean, who wouldn't for that cute little face and one blue eye.