Jun 24, 2013

Canyon Hills Splash Pad

 My daughter LOVES water. She jumps in the bath, kiddy pool, shower, sink, sprinklers...without hesitation. She just loves it! I couldn't wait to take her to a splash pad this summer. Last year she liked it but was only crawling and so her knees got all scraped up. This year she is running all over the place!

As soon as my husband had a day off, we took her to a splash pad in Canyon Hills. It's a huge sports park with a playground, picnic area, and the splash pad.

Last year when we went, it was towards the end of summer and a little overcast so we were the only ones there. We were really surprised to see there were a ton of people there this time! It's hoppin! ;)

We'll be going back there a lot this summer!

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