Nov 6, 2013

"A Day Just For Women" Conference In Pomona

I'm not at all going to blame you if you instantly had an image of grown women embracing one another while singing "Kumbaya". Truth is, I had a brief image of that flash into my own head.

However, this is way cooler than that.

A whole day of listening to amazing, strong, smart women speak about...well, women. This cool event is happening this Friday, November 8 (I know, short notice much?) at the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center in Pomona and it's bound to be a fantastic way to get to know yourself. 

Whether you choose to take the day off from work and play hookie or spend the day away from the kiddos...this is the place to be. Especially for a mere $40. I know I'd totally be there* if I didn't have a day full of doctors appointments.

Hope some of you can make it. If anything, just to sit there and listen to the amazing Dr. Jenn Berman. No lie, I listen to her entire show on the commute home. Who needs to pay for therapy when you have her on XM radio haha.

*The venue was kind enough to offer me a ticket but since I can't make it they're letting me give it away to an awesome blogger (only catch is you have to live if you wouldn't be doing it anyway, right?). Leave me a message if you're interested in my ticket.

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