Nov 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner - Why Not Let Someone Else Cook

This is going to be the first year I host Thanksgiving dinner for my little family. I know for most people this is a big deal, they go all out and cook all day long, running themselves ragged just so everyone else can eat a ton of food. I say everyone else because I for one never end up eating after I cook...who wants to grub after spending 8+ hours staring at it on the burner? Yeah, not this lady.

I like to really enjoy my food so I'm letting someone else do the cooking! Being as we're uber close to the day you're probably thinking it's too late to place an order...wrong. You'd be surprised how many restaurants will take orders up until the Friday before Thanksgiving.

Here's a list of places I found are still taking orders until this Friday, Nov. 22.

Marie Calendar's (various locations)- They wiill supply everything from a Turkey or Ham to the coffee you serve with your pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving feasts start at $99 for 6-8 people. You can even place your order online.

OrangeTree Deli* (Orange, CA) - Their regular Thanksgiving dinner (they say feeds 5-6 people, IMO it feeds 6-8) includes: Cooked turkey (cut or whole), 2 pies (pumpkin & cherry), homemade cranberry sauce, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, green salad, homemade biscuits & butter, utensils, and drinks. They charge $15.95 per person, so if you have a party of 5 this meal will cost you $79.75. Website does not give info on this dinner, call 714-998-4847 & ask for Leah for more details.

Lucille's BBQ (various locations) - Not just can get a whole smoked Turkey for as little as $49.99 or opt for their delicious Holiday Family Feast with Fixin's starting at $149.99.

*This is who'll be cooking up my Thanksgiving dinner. I had them once before, 2 years ago, and they made such a great meal I swore I'd use them if I ever had to host.

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