May 28, 2013

Surviving A Long Commute

Does this look familiar? If you said no, then you're pretty damn lucky because most of us So-Cal peeps have to make our way through this disaster in order to get to or from work. Sometimes, both.

I know, pitiful.

I work in O.C. and live in Riverside so my commutes an average of like 45 minutes (on a good morning) to 1.5 hours (on a tough afternoon) every day. How do I survive it?

With the help of these key items:
commute must haves

XM Radio - No commuter should ever go with out it. I know because I tried & didn't survive more than two months. With over a hundred stations that very from 50s - 90s music, talk radio to news & traffic, you'll never get bored.

Flip Flops - Most of the time I drive barefoot but it's always convenient to have a pair of these in the car in case you have to run out to pump gas or grab something from your trunk.

Lumbar Pillow - What can I say, I have horrible posture. Yes, even when I'm driving.

Coffee - Any kind will do but I prefer a Frapp to help keep me alert while on the road. Nothing like a cold iced coffee on a hot day when you have to sit through traffic.

Snack - Who am I kidding, my snacks not always fruit. But that does look good doesn't it? Heck, most of the time my snack's a candy bar or stale crackers. The point is, by the time you're in the middle of traffic you'll probably get hungry and wont want to jump off the freeway for some grub so it's a good idea to have something handy. Hunger only leads to being grumpy-hungry which of course then leads to road rage. Ain't no one a fan of that!

So yeah, that's how I manage to get through long commutes on a daily basis. There's no way to avoid it but the least I can do is make the best out of it.



  1. When I lived in the IE and commuted to WEHO I would drive 2 hours each way for work...4 hours total. And that's on normal days. Holidays weekends meant 6 hours!

    1. Oh my that's what I call a hellish commute. No wonder you moved to L.A. after that kind of awful driving time haha.

    2. I'm in Chino and commute to Culver City--- it is a 2 hour hell, except Friday mornings where I can sleep in an extra 20 mins!