May 31, 2013

Tips to Save Money at Target!

Hi! I am Jenn from Coupon Cali Mom aka Money in my Pocket! I am so excited to be able to be guest posting over here on Southern California Blog! I live in good ole' Southern Cali and am a avid couponer and try to save on everything I buy; however today I am going to give a few tips today on shopping at Target!  If you are anything like me I have a hard time staying away from Target however there are different ways you can save there; whether you are using printable Target coupons, coupons from the paper or online, Target's Cartwheel App, mobile coupons or a Target Debit card.
When shopping at Target they allow you to stack 1 Manufacturer Coupon with 1 Target Coupon. Target Printable Coupons:  You can head on over to Target's Coupons on their website and find the coupon link at the bottom of the page. Manufacturer Coupons: These can be found in the Sunday paper (need a subscription, contact me!) the LA Times offers the best coupons in Southern Cali or you can find some printable manufacture coupons online at
As you can see below here is a picture of how you can tell what is a Target Coupon & a Manufacture Coupon.  These can both be used together for the same item.
Target Debit Card: Target also offers a Target DEBIT Card that you can sign up for in the store.  It is completely free, and they don't check your credit or anything.  All you need to provide is a voided check and this Target DEBIT card works just like a normal debit card but you only use it at Target and you save 5% on every purchase.  You also can get FREE shipping on any orders placed on
Target's Cartwheel App:
Cartwheel:  In order to use this app you have to have a Facebook Account.  This is Targets new app & all these exclusive discounts offered can also be applied with a Target Coupon & a Manufacture Coupon only at Target.  I recently did a little post on my blog on this App. Click Here.
Mobile Coupons: Target also offers Mobile Coupons I know 2 that are available right now. If you text OFFERS or BABY to 827-438 you will get these coupons. Also when shopping at Target I always check the end aisles as they usually have good finds that are on clearance that when applied with a coupon makes for a really good deal! Lastly I follow Totally Target she is fantastic and does the weekly match-ups on her blog and post Target finds that are good deals!  I hope you all found this post helpful.

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  1. I always shop at Target, these are super helpful tips I didn't know about! Thanks!!