Aug 1, 2013

Holy Jim and Simone!

Have you noticed the fancy new stuff over on the right side bar?

That's right there's some new author's added to the SoCal Blog! Since it's my first time posting in this neck of the woods, I thought i would take a minute or two to introduce myself! 

I'm Simone and I usually blog over at Busy as a Honey Bee
Here's some schtuff about me:

I am a native southern Californian. 
I don't always capitalize the correct things when i type. (i am a little lazy about it usually, but other times not!)
I love crafty activities. 
Friends and family are awesome people that I love to hang out with. 
I teach. 
I love orange county so much that my hubby and I really want to buy a home here. 
My kitten is definitely one of my family members. 
I never cuss in print, but sometimes shock people who think i don't have a potty mouth. 
I love to be active. 
I enjoy reading. 
I am a Christian, wife, sister, and daughter. 
I love dessert. 
I am so excited to blog on this blog! 

So there's a bit about me!
I really can't wait to write for this blog and share stuff with you all!

So for my first post, I thought i would share a hike my hubby and I went on a couple months ago. Have you ever heard of Holy Jim Falls? 
I had heard a lot about it over the years, but never had the opportunity to go! When some of our friends invited us to share in an adventure, we could not pass up the opportunity.

Things to know: 
-You can park a ways away from the trail head, but if you plan to drive to the trail head, you must have an off road vehicle. During the winter months the road can get really muddy and dangerous, so beware!
-Parking requires an Adventure Pass that must be purchased ahead of time! And parking can get pretty tight, so be ready to be creative about parking! 
-The waterfall is not much ot speak of and on some days it can be imaginary! However, its not about the destination, its definitely about the journey. 
-Its about 3 miles in total. Its a "there and back" hike. 
-It's mostly flat. 
-This hike would be great to bring along your older child or a child young enough to we worn in a hiking backpack. Bringing your pups wouldn't be a bad idea either, but maybe keep them on a leash as there are many dogs on the trail. 
-Be sure to take safety precautions. It is after all the wilderness. People have gotten lost and turned around quite easily. And by lost, I mean lost for days. (The most recent situation was weeks before we made our visit and involved people who were high!) If you use your better judgement, you should be fine! 
-Some sites to visit for more info: All Trails and Yelp

With all that said, here are some shots from our nice Sunday hike! 

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. Hiking is on my list of things to do!! Darn that list of things that never happens. But it will. Looks really fun. I'm a major so cal fan. I don't want to live anywhere else.

  2. I'm trying to fit more hiking into my life (uhhh maybe when it's not so hot... always an excuse :P) so this is great-- I've never heard of it but checked out a few more pics and it looks gorgeous! Thanks for the tips!