Aug 7, 2013

Is that a Parrot?

OK, so parrots are NOT normally wild animals in suburban areas and especially not in urban areas, but they are in Orange County! I'm really not lying! Promise. Here's an OC Register article from 2006 that agrees with me! And here's and even more recent article that gives more explanation! I have sen the parrots many times. I have heard them even more times! It is kind of a neat thing. Here are some shots I got one day this last spring of the parrots when they visited the school playground after the kids had gone home! 

I just have to share the urban myths (from the article- link above) that go along with these birds:
No one knows precisely how wild parrots from Central and South America got to Orange County. Perhaps one or more of these urban legends are true:
A pet shop caught on fire and the owner set the caged birds free so they would not be burned up. A variation on this has the firefighters setting the birds free.
Authorities were about to break up a wild-parrot smuggling ring, and the smugglers set the birds free before they could be collected as evidence.
A truck that was hauling wild exotic birds was involved in a car accident. The cages fell from the truck and the birds escaped.
They escaped from the aviary of an exotic-bird lover.
An eccentric elderly person released them from cages so they could be free.
The birds migrated here on their own.
I always thought the one with the aviary is the one that could hold the most truth. But who knows! For now, if you are in the Orange County Area... keep your eyes peeled for some green parrots. Chances are though, that you will hear them before you see them! 

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