Jul 16, 2013

A Day At The "Orange County Fair"

If you live in SoCal then chances are you've been to the OC Fair at least once. Most of us, go at least once a year, if and when the sun doesn't feel like it's inches from the pavement haha,

On Sunday the hubs and I decided that walking about in humid 90-something degree weather was a way better idea than sitting on our butts in a comfy air conditioned apartment. Smart pair, right?

It was hot but it was fun. It always is. We didn't buy anything but fattening fair food - which I gobbled up so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to snaps some photos of. Yeah, it was that delicious.

I just had to snap a photo of this horrific ride. Look at those brave souls up there, hanging up side down. Oy.

Those people up there are actually sculpting out of sand. Too cool.

The OC Fair is open now until August 12 so if you have a chance roll on by...or stop by here on Thursday for a little giveaway we have for you guys ;)


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