Jul 4, 2013

I Got My Berry On at the Temecula Berry Company

Last week I coerced the hubs into taking a trip to the Temecula Berry Company. It was awesome but man was it hot. Like, 109 kinda hot. 


You know what wasn't ick? This place. The staff was sweet, the farm was so much bigger than I expected it to be and it was so much fun, even if I was all sweating in parts no one should. 

Their blueberry season closed that weekend so we were pretty darn lucky to find any at all. You can bet I'll be prepared to head over there right away when they open shop next season, May 2014. I'll also have a gift for you guys when they open up since I bought a gift certificate to giveaway without realizing their season was closing. Oh well. 

You can at least pretend you were there with me...



  1. that looks like fun! i love blueberries... too bad the season is over. it was my first time picking fruit this summer too... we went to lancaster for cherry picking but season's over as well. would love to do this again!

    if you're interested, i wrote a post about cherry picking, and it looks so similar to your post :)

    happy friday!

  2. I think this is awesome that you went!! I'll have to go next year!- Shelley