Jul 8, 2013

We Wanna Hear From You!!

Hey, everybody! I hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend! It was a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California and cooled off at night, which was perfect!

We always go to my husbands grandparents house where we can see a bunch of different firework shows from her backyard- including the Angels Stadium and Disneyland!

Anyway, as I was sitting around with family eating some BBQ, this blog came up in conversation (my FIL is "mad" that I posted about his "secret beach spot" when we first started this blog...oops!) and I let them know that they should totally tell me if they ever find an awesome thing to do in Southern California. They mentioned a couple of different things they've found but that reminded me that we have a page that you can use to recommend things you want us to blog about! We want to hear from you!!

So, please, take a few minutes and fill that out for us!! I hope you had a great weekend!


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